Haynes Motor Museum Breakfast Meet.8th January 2017

Haynes Motor Museum at Sparkford in South Somerset was the venue for a 9am Scooter Breakfast meet.
Despite the slightly damp albeit mild weather the turnout was pretty good with several clubs from Somerset & Dorset in attendance.
On a personal note I stumbled into a chap I last saw in 1983 when still on my Vespa 50 !
Haynes have published news of a monthly event called Biker’s Breakfast which of course will include Scooters so it will be interesting to see if this event takes off.

Haynes Bikers’ Breakfast Ride-in 

  • 21st May 2017, 9.00am
  • 18th Jun 2017, 9.00am
  • 16th Jul 2017, 9.00am
  • 20th Aug 2017, 9.00am
  • 17th Sep 2017, 9.00am
  • 15th Oct 2017, 9.00am
  • 19th Nov 2017, 9.00am
  • 17th Dec 2017, 9.00am

Haynes Website

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