Passion for Soul are images I created with my good friend Terry to capture the raw passion of Nothern Soul dancing blended with my own experiences & memories of those atmospheric all nighter ballrooms.

Northern Soul is today as popular as ever it seems and it’s been some 29 years since my days of attending allnighters at various venues and Scooter rallies across the country.
One of my friends Terry however is still hitting the talcum powder dusted dance floor from dusk to dawn (I’m not exaggerating!) across the UK.
He still is a remarkable dancer (as you can see from the behind scenes video below) and considering he’s even older than me (sorry mate) that is even more credit to him.
With this in mind I just had to create an image that captured his passion to dance and my vision / memories of those ballrooms across the UK.

30×20 Finished Print.

These unique Canvass wraps are printed to order (not mass produced) using highest quality inks to ensure longevity and only available to purchase here.
Available in two sizes :
30×20 Inches (Approx 2.49 Feet x 1.66 Feet) £99.00
24×16 Inches (approx 1.99 Feet x 1.33 Feet) £75.00

*Please note these sizes are approximate and final print may vary very slightly.

Prices inclusive of delivery in UK.
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Images are printed with black wrapped edge as illustrated below.


Passion For Soul Canvass







Passion For Soul II Canvass








Keep On Keeping On 140mm x 110mm Acrylic Sticker



Keep On Keeping On Oval Sticker